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Hong-ik University Design Degree Show 2004

Tue, 30 May 2006

Graduating students from the Transportation Design course at Korea's Hong-ik University presented their work in the 2004 Degree Show entitled 'Design Concert', held December 7-13 in the International Design School for Advanced Studies (IDAS) in Seoul.

The works shown are based on a wide range of vehicle concepts and brands. The' Professional day', which is an annual event, was also hosted on the exhibiition opening evening with graduating students, professors and professional designers from the automotive industry. This event is intended to bring the leading automotive chief designers and promising new designers together for future recruitments.

There were twenty graduating students in Transportation Design. The students have benefited from a close cooperation on their projects with international automotive manufacturers. The projects by the graduating diploma students included:

Eun-sun Yoo presented 'Wrap It Up', a compact SUV for women. Wrap It Up unifies the worlds of SUV and the sports car. For a more exciting and fascinating facet of the automotive experience, Wrap It Up represents a combination between the off-road and sports car. The main form of the vehicle appears as if the driver is wrapped by curving surfaces from four different views, which gives a sense of protection to the driver.

Jin-sung Yi presented EUV, a vehicle for active singles aged 20-30. EUV has three divided spaces, 'cargo space', 'driving space' and 'mechanical space' to emphasize the character of an off-road vehicle. EUV has a frame-based shape and wide glass look for an open visual image. The frame shape on EUV supports the safety of the driver and the passenger.

Hee-jun An presented Elaxis, a combination of sporty elegance of a coupe and the versatility of a three-door wagon. Elaxis is mainly focused on the contrasting characteristic of the appearance. The surface looks like as if soft fabric is wrapping the underlying frame of the car. Elaxis is formed such that the surface has different characteristics that are both positive and negative.

Digital Recreation Vehicle 'Young' designed by Bong-gyun Choi is developed from the idea of having enough personal space. A computer is used as the main controller, which enables the driver to control the digital media within the car. With 'Young' the driver can enjoy the ride with digital media inside the car and have enough personal space to relax.

Yong-jun Heo presents a super sports car for Nissan called Nissan ZQ. Nissan ZQ has a 'tangled' and broken surface that are designed to moderate the aggressive image and pursue a more refined and soft image. The cockpit is placed forward to show the form of speed. By placing the sideline higher, the cockpit, which is wrapped in the main body, is emphasized. The assymetric rear and front graphic express excitement.

Min-ki Jung presented Peugeot A-033, a vehicle that has a combination of automobile and motorbike characteristics. With a new operating system it suggests a different riding style and a different refuel system. The driver's seat is similar to that in an automobile, while the rear seat has a similar seating layout to a motorbike. The large central circular form is a roll bar and fuel pack.

Jun-hyuck Eoh presented 'Tratto', a roadster interior for the 'One Child Generation' who are the biggest consumer group in China. This Sports Utility Roadster fulfills the desire of leisure life and OCG's individuality.

The main purpose of this vehicle is to experience the excitement of driving and taking trips. Tratto is focussed on efficient space usage in a 700cc small roadster.