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Horacio Pagani’s very special Zonda F Roadster

Mon, 16 Feb 2009

The very last Zonda F Roadster - a very special car!

The spotlight has once more been back on Pagani, with the eventual reveal of the track-only Zonda R recently. The final iteration of the Zonda before the all new model late next year, the Zonda R is designed for the track and to be the ultimate Zonda. But maybe not.

The last special from Pagani was the Zonda Cinque. Using a de-tuned version of the R engine (which is itself derived from the 6.o litre AMG lump in the Mercedes CLK-GTR) and a sequential gearbox, just five were produced.

But with production of the Zonda F Roadster coming to an end (after just 25 cars), news has reached us that the last of the Roadsters is going to be a very special car indeed. Not only that, but the genius behind the Zonda, Horacio Pagani, is intending keeping the car for himself. Who can blame him?

The ‘Horacio’ Zonda won’t just be any old Zonda F Roadster though. It will feature the same de-tuned 678bhp 6.0 litre as used in the Cinque, and will boast some very custom use of carbon fibre (fitting, for the ‘Composite Master’ Pagani), together with the sequential gearbox. In essence it will be a Roadster Cinque, but even more exclusive.

Not intended for sale, the car will be the ultimate Zonda F Roadster. I’m sure it will end up on show at Pagani’s factory in Modena, but not before Horacio Pagani himself has enjoyed his creation. Lucky man!

By Cars UK