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Hyundai sets prices for Blue Link telematics

Thu, 09 Jun 2011

Hyundai has set annual subscription prices for its Blue Link telematics service, which starts showing up in its cars this summer.

Blue Link is a technology embedded in the car. It offers safety services such as automatic crash notification and navigation, remote unlocking and concierge services.

Hyundai is dividing the Blue Link service into three packages--Assurance, Essentials and Guidance. Blue Link debuts with the 2012 Sonata this month, followed by the Veloster coupe this fall. Hyundai predicts that the majority of its lineup will be Blue Link-equipped by 2013.

After a few months of free introductory service, owners must purchase a subscription for the service. Hyundai's launch pricing schedule is:

-- The Blue Link Assurance package is $79 for one year, $139 for two years and $198 for three years.

--The Essentials package, which includes the Assurance services, is $179 for one year, $315 for two years and $448 for three years.

-- The Guidance package, which includes the Assurance and Essentials services, is $279 for one year, $491 for two years and $699 for three years.

Assurance package services include automatic crash notification, an SOS help button that transmits the vehicle's location, a button for roadside assistance, and a monthly vehicle-system report.

The Essentials package adds convenience features such as quick tips, which points out primary features of the car; a location-sharing feature for social networks, and a voice text-messaging feature that sends hands-free texts. It also includes self-diagnostic features such as recall advisories and maintenance alerts, as well as safeguard features such as a valet alert, which text-messages an owner if a valet driver takes the car past a prescribed area. There also is a curfew alert and a speeding alert to notify you via text if a driver disregards preset limits.

The Guidance package adds turn-by-turn navigation, point-of-interest recognition systems, daily route information and traffic, gas station locations and gasoline prices. There also is an Eco-Coach feature that tracks your driving performance habits and recommends improvements.

By Michelle Koueiter