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Iconic Volkswagen Kombi camper not dead yet

Thu, 26 Dec 2013

In what would be the perfect present for thousands of Volkswagen fans across the globe, rumours are circulating that the iconic Kombi vancould be set for a comeback.

What’s even more remarkable is the fact the news comes just two days before production of the VW Kombi was set to end, bringing to a close 63 years of history.

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The end of the road for Volkswagen’s classic Camper van

Earlier this year, Volkswagen do Brasil announced that the Kombi Last Edition would – as its name suggests – draw a curtain on the legendary Dub’s run, which includes 56 years of production on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Each one of the limited edition vehicles (pictured above) features exclusive body paint, ‘luxury’ internal finishing and design elements tipping the hat to the many versions made in Brazil since 1957.

The special two-tone white and blue paint and whitewall tyres are definite touches of nostalgia, as are the blue fabric curtains and vinyl upholstery. Only 600 units were scheduled to be built.

But in sudden twist, could the Kombi van live on to fight another day?

We understand that Guido Mantega, the Brazilian finance minister, is looking into whether the Kombi could be made exempt from the safety legislation that has led to its demise. His argument is that the original design didn’t allow for modern safety features, such as ABS brakes and airbags in the first place, so shouldn’t fall foul of them now.

As one of Brazil’s best selling vehicles, there will be a huge number of Brazilians anxiously awaiting the outcome of what could be a historic decision. And a host of Volkswagen fans across the world will be watching with interest, not least those here in the UK, who have enjoyed access to a source of brand new Kombis ripe for camper van conversions.

Who knows – perhaps we can look forward to the England football squad parading the FIFA World Cup around the streets of Sao Paulo next year, in a procession of brand new Kombi vans. Then again…

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On Bing: see pictures of the Volkswagen Kombi Van

The end of the road for Volkswagen’s classic Camper van