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India’s first ‘Supercar’ – the DC Design Avanti – debuts at Delhi Motor Show

Fri, 06 Jan 2012

DC Design Avanti debuts in Delhi

India car design studio DC Design has revealed ‘India’s first Supercar’ at the Delhi Motor Show. The DC Design Avanti gets a Ford Ecoboost or V6 Honda turbo.

Earlier this week we revealed that the first Supercar to emanate from the sub-continent was due to be debuted by Indian car customisers DC Design at the Delhi Motor Show. At that time we had no clue what the mid-engined car would be called, but now we know – it’s the DC Design Avanti.

We’re not too sure the ‘Avanti’ tag will float outside India without a hue and cry from the doubtless numerous companies claiming copyright on the name, so we’re guessing the DC Design Avanti is going to be a purely Indian market car. But whether the Avanti travels or not, it seems a credible first effort by DC Design.

The styling of the Avanti may be a bit generic – with overtones of the 458 Italia in the shape and a touch of the R8 round the nose – but at a starting point of £36,000 that’s hardly a criticism.

It seems that DC Design are planning two versions of the Avanti, one with a 2.0 litre Ford Ecoboost engine delivering 265bhp and another with a Honda turbo V6 with something around 400bhp. The Ecoboost Avanti is said to hit 60mph in under 7 seconds, and we’d expect the V6 Honda version to do the same sprint in around 5 seconds.

Most of the components of the Avanti will be shipped in to India from overseas, with DC Design providing the aluminium body and interior and bolting it all together at their facility in Pune. First year production is set for 300 Avantis with production ramping up to 3,000 cars a year thereafter.

By Cars UK