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Infiniti EX30d Black Premium launches

Thu, 20 Jan 2011

The Infiniti EX30d Black Premium - just 150 available at £45k+

There are plenty of options if you want an upmarket SUV/Crossover, some more desirable than others. And although none of these high-end SUV/Crossovers are exactly ubiquitous, some are more common than others.

Probably the rarest of these is the Infiniti. Infiniti are pushing to get established in the UK and Europe and has a range of cars that seem able, competent and well-equipped. But they’re not exactly flying out of showrooms, as we reported this time last year when we discovered Infiniti had sold just sixty cars to date in the UK.

The rest of 2010 seemed to follow a similar pattern, with a total of 232 Infinitis sold in the whole of 2010. That’s less than Ssangyong or MG. And when did you last see a new one of those? So it made us smile a little – in light of those figures – when a press release popped in this morning for the Infiniti EX30d Black Premium ‘Limited Edition’.

Infiniti tell us that there will only be 150 EX30d Black Premium models built, and that will have to suffice for the whole of Europe. Now we don’t have figures for model sales to hand, and nor do we know how many cars Infiniti sold across Europe.

But with just 232 cars sold in the UK in 2010, which includes eight variants across four models, we’d be quite surprised if Infiniti manage to sell 150 ‘Limited Edition’ EX models at the top end any time soon. In fact, if they do manage to do so, the ‘Limited Edition’ EX may end up being the best-selling EX in Europe this year. Does that mean the regular EX becomes the ‘Limited Edition’?

Still, gentle ribbing aside, what do you get on the Black Premium you don’t get on the Infiniti EX30d GT Premium on which it’s based? In terms of the car itself you get Malbec Black metallic paint, 19″ alloys, graphite leather, Bose, sunroof and ali roof rails.

You also get membership of Relais & Châteaux’s Club 5C and one night with dinner and breakfast for two in a Relais & Châteaux hotel. Which may float your boat and tempt you to seek out an Infiniti showroom (which you can now find in London, Reading, Birmingham and Glasgow), in which case you’ll need to fork out £45,671 for the range topping diesel EX – £3,124 more than the EX30d GT Premium.

If you get tempted to go and look at the EX30d Black Premium, let us know what you think. Infinitis are so rare they can’t even spare one for us to review.

By Cars UK