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Infiniti FX50 by Sebastian Vettel breaks cover

Sun, 28 Aug 2011

Infiniti FX50 by Sebastian Vettel

We still think it’s daft – Infiniti pouring money in to Red Bull F1 sponsorship – but if that’s what The PR powers that be at Infiniti want to spend their marketing budget on, they should get some payback from Red Bull.

Which is why we’re being treated to the Infiniti FX50 by Sebastian Vettel. Or whatever moniker Infiniti decide to attach to this Limited Edition.

Because Infiniti hasn’t told us, in their very brief press release this afternoon, what moniker they are going to attach to this Limited Edition FX50. All they say is:

Infiniti today releases the first image of its concept car to star at the Frankfurt Motor Show on 13 September. It will be unveiled by the Infiniti FX driver who helped design it: reigning Formula One World Champion, Sebastian Vettel.

No detail, no information, no nothing. So let’s see what we can see.

Interestingly, the first think you notice is that the Sebastian Vettel FX50 is the new version of the Infiniti FX, the one Infiniti Europe told us wouldn’t be coming to the UK. Perhaps if you want the latest version instead of the old one the only way to do that in Europe will be with the Vettel Edition?

So you get the new grill and no doubt the same minor interior tweaks as Infiniti’s US customers get across the FX range, together with the de rigueur new alloys.

Also in the mix is a butch splitter and some new LED running lights at the front and a spoiler out back. And the roof rails have disappeared too – that’ll make your Vettel FX50 sooo much quicker.

Inside we can only guess, or make assumptions from the video we had a couple of days ago. In that vdeo (we’ve posted it again below)there were some hints that there may be a button-fest of a steering wheel as a nod to F1 and there was talk of dark grey piping.

Will there be a power hike? We’d hope so or the Vettel FX50 will be even more pointless than with it. But it won’t be the sort of power hike that would make it even remotely in reach of the Cayenne Turbo or M63 or X5M.

And really, it looks incredibly like the last Infiniti FX50 Limited Edition. Which, rather catchily we thought, was called the Infiniti FX50 Limited Edition.

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