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Infiniti JX Tease – this time it’s the whole back end. Wow.

Thu, 04 Aug 2011

Infiniti JX Concept Tease 5

I know you’re finding it hard to contain your excitement as we reveal veil number five in the Dance of the Seven JX images drops away to display the arse of the Infiniti JX Concept in all its glory.

And actually, the arse is better than we could reasonably have expected. As we said when we ran the last tease of the JX , we’d half expected the JX to be the even uglier sibling to the horrible QX (which is an uglified and titivated Nissan Patrol). But its not.

What it appears to be is a perfectly decent 7-seat crossover with some of Infiniti’s better styling cues going on. As a 7-seat crossover it’s never going to be a dynamically appealing form of transport, but as posh-ish people carrier it looks fine.

We’ve been tempted to take all the photo teases Infiniti has sent us on the JX so far and put together a Picasso-esque montage so you can see everything in one go. But we’re too bored with the JX tease to bother.

But all the teases are in the gallery below, if you care.

(click any thumbnail for full gallery)

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