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Infiniti M30d Diesel UK Price & Specs

Tue, 07 Sep 2010

The Infiniti M30d gets priced and specced for the UK

It took Infiniti a while to get a diesel lump together for their European models – without which they didn’t have much hope of making any impact in Europe at all – but they got there and we’ve already seen the Infiniti 3.0 litre diesel lump in the SUV Crossovers – the Infiniti EX30d and the Infiniti FX30d – where we got UK prices and specs back in May.

Now it’s the turn of the Infiniti M to get priced and specced with full details being released for the Infiniti M30d.

There may just be one diesel engine, but Infiniti has managed to come up with a total of five trim options – M30d, M30d GT, M30d S, M30d GT Premium and M30d S Premium – with prices starting out at £36,750 for the entry level and rising to £46,600 for the M30d S Premium.

Spec, as you would expect from a ‘Premium’ Japanese brand, is comprehensive. All models get 7-speed auto, bi-Xenons, Eletcric Seats, Reversing Camera, Parking Sensors and HDD Sound. Move up to the GT and you can add semi-analine leather and heated and cooled front seats.

The ‘Sporty’ M30d S adds 4-wheel active steering with sports suspension, sports seats, flappy paddles and 20″ alloys.

Beyond the three basic model levels you can add a ‘Premium’ pack to the S or GT. This throws the Infiniti options toy box at the M30d and adds Blind Spot Monitoring, Cruise, Lane Departure Warning, Forest Air, Bose and Infiniti’s Connectiviti+ infotainment with its 30gb HDD Nav.

Big specs all round, and if the M30d is a decent drive (we haven’t had one yet) there’s a lot on offer. Beyond the toys, the Infiniti M30d gets 235bhp from its 3.0 litre V6 oil-burner and offers a 0-60mph of 6.9 seconds and 37.7mpg.

A decent offering, although we’d probably take the Jaguar XF – particularly the Jaguar XF Diesel S – which is quicker (by over a second 0-60mph), more frugal (by 4mpg) and looks like it costs less across the trim levels.

Still, that’s on paper. It may be different in reality. Maybe.

By Cars UK