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International Transport Design Forum 2008

Fri, 01 Aug 2008

The biennial International Transportation Design Forum at Pforzheim University in Germany took place on July 10, with five international design schools coming together to present and discuss the latest work of their students. Held this year at the Congress Center Pforzheim, the Design Forum was held in conjunction with the annual summer degree show where Diploma and Masters students presented their graduation work.

The event was chaired by Transportation Design Professor James Kelly who welcomed the tutors and their accompanying students to the event. Each of the student presentations were introduced by the course leaders, giving an overview of each of the schools and their specializations.

Professor Joo Hyun Chung from Seoul's Hongik University gave insights into the schools Transportation Design course, explaining new concept ideation techniques where students express their ideas into 3D surfaces directly, using materials such as paper and wire, rather than the traditional 2D to 3D process.

Bau Hwang and Boram Ryu from Hongik University presented 'Throb', an MPV for the young generation. The theme was based on 'the moment where water drops gather together' evoking the interaction of friends using the vehicle. The keywords 'Friendly, Funky, and Fun' are expressed in the openness of the exterior, which is aimed at stimulating conversation and a great mood. The seating is reconfigurable to facilitate the sociable aspect of the vehicle. The vehicle is powered by hub motors charged by solar panels.

Jinyoung Jo and Myungjin Jung from Hongik University presented ‘Luge', a two-seater roadster designed to let people fully enjoy the extreme thrill and speed. The interior structure is exposed to the exterior and awakes the driver's sensations while driving. The main character lines of the vehicle are inspired by the free form of rapid moving smoke, with an emotionally-driven overall form. The electronic transparent cover provides maximum openness to passengers, with the position of the rear cover changing depending on the speed of the vehicle. The navigation system and the instrument panel float on the glass so that the passengers can see the information clearly without interrupting their sight of driving.

Graduating Pforzheim University Masters student Joris Mertens presented 'A car for tuberacing', envisaging a new type of motor sport. The car is equipped with an electro turbine to suck itself to the inside of the tube network and it has a ground effect underbody to create additional downforce. The idea is that cars can overtake each other upside down in order to create a whole new racing excitement.

Matthias Linger presented his Masters thesis project  'Natural Sculpted Dynamics', which explored how we can replace high speed as the ultimate driving experience and change customer preconceptions of a green car. Based on near-future materials and constructive technologies, the vehicle inspires the senses through emotional design.

Chia-Yi Cho from Sweden's Umea Institute of Design presented Scion MBox, a vehicle that can be purchased in a very basic frame form at a reasonable price. Owners can buy new body parts over time, as and when they desire, to transform the vehicle in character and function to suit different stages of their life. This presents an opportunity to reduce the scrap rate of vehicles by keeping a basic platform for many years, with benefits for the environment.

Jung Hyun Lee from Umea Institute presented 'Silveriness', a vehicle for the 'New Silver Generation in 2030' which addresses the reducing degree of difference in aspirations between old and young people in their choice of vehicle. The project explored better solutions for ingress/egress, security, as well as excitement. The vehicle has hub motors in each wheel and receives electricity from a coil system in the road.

Tokyo Communication Arts (TCA) student Yuichi Yoshida presented a Citroen C-Airstream for 2020. With a theme based around airflow, the vehicle features an expanded rear cabin. Styling elements include an expressive DLO and bodyside surfaces breaking at the door cuts to avoid the appearance of conventional cutlines.

TCA student Yoshifumi Watanabe presented 'Lancia Silasu' a high performance car that stresses discreet elegance and unique sculptural form, with high-quality materials.

Musashino Art University students Feng Tianyang and Lu Yang presented 'E.Z. concept', a car aimed at elderly couples, with an innovative seating system, door and platform design that allow 'walk-in' access. The driver controls can be slid to either side of the car, while rear-wheel steering aids parking.

Yohei Kanasugi and Jiwon Seo presented 'Personal Traveller's Mobility', a car for a single traveller, that features a cabin that raises or lowers, to alter the eye point for taking in the scenery or enjoying speed.

We'll have an in-depth report on the 2008 Pforzheim University Summer Degree Show next week.

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By Brett Patterson