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IAAD exhibition - 'The car that does not exist'

Fri, 18 Jun 2004 The work of Transportation Design students at the Institute of Applied Arts and Design - Turin, will be shown in an exhibition covering the study and planning of a concept car for Fiat, and a new sedan for Honda. Titled 'The car that does not exist', the exhibition will open on Monday 28th June at the Automobile Museum of Turin (press 2pm, public 6pm) and runs until 2nd September. In addition to the students projects, the exhibition includes historic vehicles and prototypes from both brands.

The exhibited works will present historical and concept research boards, sketches, traditional and digital renderings. The projects have been developed in collaboration between IAAD-Turin, Fiat Auto Advanced Design and Honda Europe.

The Fiat project aimed to develop a vehicle to improve and strengthen the image of the Fiat brand. Students could choose any concept, from city-car to luxury car, SUV, crossover, as well as completely new concepts. The vehicle should have a strong character and a remarkable impact on the public, it should become a symbol vehicle, that allows the public to understand that Fiat group is evolving and gaining in prestige.

The Fiat project was assisted by:
Exterior: Humberto Rodriguez - responsible for Fiat group style; Flavio Manzoni - responsible for Fiat Style Centre; Roberto Giolito - responsible for Fiat Auto Advanced Design; Salvatore Cacciatore - chief designer Fiat Auto Advanced Design - Concept Lab.
IAAD-Torino: Giampiero Briguglio - coordinator and teacher in Transportation design course; Mauro Basso - Transportation design course teacher.

The Honda project aimed to create a sedan for the European market in 2015. This future sedan has to consider an effective buying power that evolves progressively, and at the same time, give a more european identity to the famous Japanese brand.

The HONDA project was assisted by:
Exterior: Martin Glotzbach - Style Honda Europe; Ichiro Yamaguchi - vice president Segno Milano; Luciano D?Ambrosio - IAAD-Torino Transportation design course teacher.

In addition, final year projects by the Transportation Design students of Northumbria University, supervised by John Sweeney and Matteo Conti, will be presented.

For more information:
Tel/Fax: 011/548868
Ticket: full ? 5,50, reduced ? 4,00, schools ? 2,00.
Exhibition timetable: Mo/Tu/We/Fr/Sa 10-18:30, Th 10-22, Sunday from 10-20:30.

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