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JJAD P1 EV gets closer

Fri, 23 Jan 2009

Jim Dowle used to work as a designer for McLaren, and was involved in the original F1 development. So he knows a thing or two about lightweight performance cars.

Last year Jim first announced details of his P1 concept, which was well received. But since then the P1, and the world, has moved on, and JJAD has announced that the P1 will now be an electric powered car, the P1-E, with the first prototype appearing for testing this year.

JJAD P1-E Electric concept

The P1 is destined to have a 0-60 of under 3 seconds, a range of 230 miles and cost around £55k. Makes the Tesla Roadster look very poor!

There are some clever design features in the P1-E, including brake power¬† regeneration from each corner of the car (it’s 4WD), twin electric motors and the lithium ion batteries carefully positioned for a low centre of gravity, which should make the P1-E handle like you would expect it to.

This looks to be a very interesting project, particularly if JJAD can get anywhere close to addressing the re-charging issues in the way SSC are claiming with the Ultimate Aero EV.

Obviously excited at the progress being made, Jim Dowle said:

“All the electric cars produced to date have been compromised in one way or another and most have been of little attraction to the enthusiast driver. We decided it was time to create an affordable electric sports car that combined the advantages of conventionally-engined machines with those of electric ones, without the disadvantages of either – in short, a drivers’ car for the 21st century.

Since February we’ve been busy finalising the specification, fine-tuning the styling and seeking appropriate funding, and plan to have our first prototype up and running during 2009. Most of the programme’s key partnerships are now in place, though we’d still welcome approaches from any companies interested in investing in our mould-breaking performance car. Another remaining task is to agree its final name, P1-E being the project’s code.”

This could well turn out to be everything the Tesla should have been – at half the price.

By Cars UK