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Jaguar C-X17 crossover concept revealed ahead of Frankfurt motor show debut

Mon, 09 Sep 2013

Update: Video of the C-X17 concept in action added below.

Jaguar has revealed the C-X17 concept ahead of its Frankfurt motor show debut, further underscoring the importance of an ever-growing luxury crossover/SUV segment.

Looking a bit more like a bulked-up wagon than a scaled-down faux-truck, the C-X17 benefits from a stiff, lightweight aluminum monocoque. Jaguar says it's the first such architecture in the segment. While the automaker's press release likes throwing the l-word around a lot, we don't know just how lightweight the concept is.

We do know that the C-X17 has a 114.4-inch wheelbase, 185.7-inch overall length, 77-inch width and a 65-inch height. For what it's worth, ground clearance is just under 8.4 inches -- somewhere between the Audi Allroad and the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Jaguar isn't being specific about powertrain options, but the all-wheel-drive concept would get gasoline and diesel I4 and V6 engines were it to be built. Gear selection is accomplished with a rotary dial; we doubt there's any point speculating about a manual transmission.

Visually, the C-X17 borrows heavily from the XJ and XF up front; oddly, there are hints of the F-Type in the concept's sculpted rear haunches. Concept-only touches like ruthenium trim (we had to look it up: It's sort of like platinum and was once used in fountain pen nibs) continue on to the four-seat interior.

Except for those four bucket seats and the rare metals that adorn the interior, the C-X17 looks more or less production-ready.

We'll be sure to bring you updates on the concept's production prospects as we learn more from Frankfurt. Until then, let us know what you think about this new, market-dictated direction for Jag.

About the show

The 2013 Frankfurt motor show will be held Sept. 10-22 in Germany. Premium automakers appear ready to try to outdo each other with eye-catching electric supercars. Green technology and fuel efficiency will take center stage on the stands of most automakers at the show. For news, reveals and photos straight from the floor in Frankfurt, check out our special Frankfurt motor show section here.

By Graham Kozak