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Jaguar C-X75 Hybrid Supercar development showcased on video

Thu, 27 Jun 2013

Jaguar showcase the development of the C-X75 hybrid supercar on video

After little news on the Jaguar C-X75 – Jaguar’s hybrid supercar – after production plans were cancelled at the end of 2012, this last week has seen a flurry of activity.

We’ve had a few select publications given the chance to take a ride – and a brief drive – in the C-X75 at Gaydon, and Jaguar decided to release some new photos of the C-X75 in a fetching shade of blue. We’ve also had the suggestion that Jaguar will give the F-Type a 700bhp version of the C-X75′s hybrid powerplant. Now we get video from Jaguar detailing the development of the C-X75.

Jaguar say the C-X75 is “…a hybrid supercar without equal” (which begs the question: Why not build it?) with a top speed of 220mph, o-100mph in 6 seconds and just 89g/km of emissions on the official cycle. A real ‘cake and eat it’ set of figures.

From the Williams developed 1.6 litre supercharged and turbocharged engine delivering 850bhp and a massive 737lb/ft of torque, to the 390 horses of the additional electric motors by way of the highest continuously rated power PHEV pack in the world – which can deliver more than 300kW – it’s a story of a technological tour de force.

Not only can the C-X75 produce vast amounts of power and performance, its batteries can run the car in pure electric mode for up to 60km – perfect for city use.

It may be that Jaguar really have dropped plans to make the C-X75, and instead are going to use some of the lessons learnt – and the technology developed – in their regular range of performance cars.

But we can’t help thinking that if the C-X75 is as good as Jaguar say, they’d be mad not to build it. As a commenter said when we ran the new photos of the C-X75 the other day, perhaps Jaguar are going to deliver the C-X75 in 2015 to mark the 70th anniversary of the first Jaguar cars?

Here’s hoping.

By Cars UK