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Jaguar EATS Mercedes ‘Magic Body Control’ Chicken (video)

Tue, 17 Dec 2013

Jaguar EATS Mercedes ‘Magic Body Control’ Chicken

Mercedes-Benz recently produced a fun video to demonstrate their Magic Body Control using a bunch of chickens to show how, despite undulations, bumps and potholes, MBC would keep everything in shape. The video of the ‘Magic Body Control Chickens’ was a rare glimpse at German humour (although the humour may well have been an accident) and a great way to demonstrate MBC. But we wonder if Mercedes sense of humour will stay intact with Jaguar’s latest video?

Jaguar in the US has released a video (below) with a white-coated ‘scientist’ holding a chicken and demonstrating how its head stays in the same place no matter how much you move its body (although this is a rather less straight-laced scientist than Mercedes used).

Just as the scientist declares “Look – just like a Mercedes”, feathers fly and the chicken is no more.

And all this under a mischievous hashtag from Jaguar – #GoodToBeBad – and the tag line “Magic Body Control? We prefer cat-like reflexes”.

Can Mercedes respond? We do hope so.

By Cars UK