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Jaguar F-Type stars in Lana Del Rey’s Burning Desire video

Thu, 14 Feb 2013

The new Jaguar F-Type has a starring role in the new Burning Desire video from Lana Del Rey, Jaguar’s F-Type ‘Ambassador’.

Last summer, as the new Jaguar F-Type stared to garner headlines, Jaguar announced that they were signing up the talented Lana Del Rey to help promote the new F-Type, imbuing their new sports car with a bit of cool in the process.

And Ms Del Rey was a clever choice; just like the F-Type she manages to be very ‘now’ yet still manages to evoke the cool of the past without relying on that to define herself.

So far, Jaguar has managed to roll Ms Del Rey out at a few F-Type public events for some extra celeb kudos, but now they start to get a return on their investment with the new F-Type front and centre in the video for Burning Desire, Lana Del Rey’s latest ditty.

The Del Rey video is part of Jaguar’s foray in to Hollywood, with a new Jaguar short film called ‘Desire’ in the making, and features some beautiful imagery of both Lana Del Rey and the F-Type, with the F-Type featuring in the background for most of the video.

It’s a good way for Jaguar to get the F-Type in front of an audience that might consider it an ‘old man’s’ car, and make them think again before they go out and grab the default choice Porsche.

By Cars UK