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Jaguar F-Type to get manual gearbox

Fri, 09 Nov 2012

Jaguar’s Adrian Hallmark has revealed that Jaguar’s new manual gearbox will be heading in to the new F-Type.

They’ve gone because the slush boxes of old have been replaced by new, double clutch boxes that actually give better performance and better economy than a driver with a left foot in action. But still, the yearning for the control and feel of a manual ‘box remains at the core of the driving experience.

Oddly, that lust for a manual is even more present in drivers in the home of the automatic car – the USA – whereas European drivers have, on the whole, accepted the modern auto as the future in performance cars. And yet…

A manual ‘box in a daily driver – especially if you commute through heavy traffic – is a pain (although it’s still preferable to the droning of a CVT), but for a weekend car; a toy; a pleasure machine; it’s a huge plus. Which is why Jaguar – which eschewed manual gearboxes when the X-Type bit the dust – is bringing back the manual option in the F-Type.

Jaguar’s Adrian Hallmark has confessed to Autocar that the F-Type will be getting a manual option – but not for a year or so – to add to the F-Type’s sports car credibility. But, after a few phone calls, it looks like Jaguar will only offer the manual ‘box on the F-Type and F-Type S – the V6 versions of the new F-Type – and not in the V8S.

Of course, Jaguar are going to need a manual ‘box for any future new small Jaguar too, and they may even offer a manual option in the XF, but there’s precious little chance you’ll be able to spec an XJ with a manual box, even thought there was once a time when you could buy an XJR with a manual ‘box.

It’s a sensible move from Jaguar; added sports car credibility, and even a small price drop, for the manual F-Type.

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