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Jaguar R-S Range to grow – XKR-S Convertible, XJR & XFR-S planned

Tue, 14 Jun 2011

R-S will extend across the Jaguar range

It’s been a while since we played the speculation game with Jaguar, so it’s due.

The last punt we had after a tip-off – apart from the XF 2.2 diesel Jaguar denied when we ran the story – was that Jaguar were planning on building an XJ Supersport Diesel.

But long before that we heard that, there were rumblings of a more powerful petrol XJ Supersport too, an XJR, perhaps, or maybe an XJR-S or XJ Supersport S. All the same car – different monikers.

We’re still waiting for the TDV8 XJ, but it looks like the more powerful XJ Supersports is looming somewhere on the horizon, together with a convertible version of the Jaguar XKR-S we saw revealed at Geneva recently, and a more powerful XFR-S to take the fight to the E63 and the new M5.

All three cars will feature the tweaked supercharged V8 from the XKR-S, which will produce 542bhp and should – in the XJR or the XFR-S – see a 0-60mph of around 4.4 seconds.

There will be some serious price hikes on offer when the new R-S Jaguars hit showrooms. The XKR-S Convertible and the XJ R-S will both break through the £100k barrier, and the XFR-S will probably cost the best part of £75k.

High prices, but no more than the German competition, and for cars that are – if you have petrol in your veins – imbued with the sort of soul a Teutonic car could never muster.

Can’t wait.

By Cars UK