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Jaguar X-Type axed early

Wed, 15 Jul 2009

Jaguar is ending production of the Jaguar X-Type at the end of the year

The X-Type recipe was a Ford inspired one. Take the basics of the Ford Mondeo – a much better car than it’s given credit for – and Jaguar-ify it to produce a smaller car to fit in to the Audi A4 / BMW 3 Series / Mercedes C-Class category. But it got saddled with the looks of the old Jaguar XJ (i.e. 40 years out of date) and although it did sell, it never really did Jaguar any favours. Most considerd it a Mondeo in fancyclothes; nothing more.

Which is a shame, but it does mean there are some fantastically good second-hand buys in the X-Type. You can pick up an X-Type from as little as £2,000, and even a 3.0 litre V6 – with all the toys – for not much over £3,000.

The early end for the X-Type means there will be 300 redundancies at Halewood (all will be voluntary) and an extended shutdown. But in other parts of Jaguar things are much more rosy. The regular shutdown in the Summer has been cut down by a week so Jaguar can keep up with orders for the Jaguar XF, and Jaguar has already taken more than 50 orders for the new Jaguar XJ, so when production starts in September the cars will be shifting before they’re even built.

By Cars UK