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Jaguar XE – more detail

Fri, 14 Aug 2009

Is this how the Jaguar XE will look in 20103? Car Magazine thinks so.

But where to next? We reported earlier this year on a Jaguar coupe/roadster to take on the likes of the Audi R8. But according to Car Magazine – who had the pretty good rendering at the top done – the next Jaguar on the cards will be the Jaguar XE (as we speculated earlier this year), but it will actually be aimed a notch down from where we thought – straight in to the firing line of cars like the Porsche Boxster and even the 911.

Likely to have a V6 turning out around 275bhp, the £50-£60k Jaguar XE will be turning up by late 2012. Which is an enticing prospect. It will fill a gap beneath the Jaguar XK and hopefully means Jaguar has given up on the idea of producing a car to compete in the 3 Series / A4 sector, instead concentrating on stunning proper-sized saloons and sport coupes.

Of course, there is more mileage to be had from the latest line up. We expect to see a Jaguar XF Coupe and Roadster before too long, and Ian Callum – Jaguar’s Design Guru – has already acknowledged that the new Jaguar XJC is on the drawing board.

If Jaguar can get through the current economic malaise that has beset the world – and it’s certainly looking like it can – then Jaguar are going to be back at the top of the heap in no time at all.

By Cars UK