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Jaguar XF Diesel S: Plod-Mobile

Tue, 27 Apr 2010

The Jaguar XF Diesel S Police Car is now on patrol in the Midlands

We have to agree with the Central Motorway Police Group (who cover big chunks of the M6 – and surrounding motorways – in the Midlands and up to Cheshire). The Jaguar XF will make a fine motorway plod-mobile. The Jaguar XF Diesel S an even better one. And that’s what they’ve just taken delivery of – seven Diesel S XFs in police garb. Which considering Castle Bromwich is probably bang in the middle of their patch is not a minute too soon.

For endless pounding up and down a motorway, interspersed with the odd high-speed pursuit, there isn’t much around we’d prefer to be in. The XF is commendably quiet and refined, but it also handles extremely well. And unlike mnay of the German competition the price of that good handling isn’t a rigid ride and a sore back.

With 275 horses to play with the XF Diesel S manages the 0-60mph sprint in 6 seconds, will keep up with most things on the road and still manages 42mpg. Well, at least it would in civilian garb. But as a motorway plod-mobile with a couple of hefty plod in the front seats and a plethora of kit it probably won’t. But it will be better than most anything else with its performance. And it has probably the best residuals in its sector as the icing.

You won’t be amazed to learn that the police-spec XF gets a chunk of plod-specific kit including a roof mounted light bar with 3600 blue flashing lights and integrated side alley lights, blue and white flashing LED lights inside the front grille, side mounted blue flashing LED lights, blue and red flashing LED lights integrated in the rear light clusters and a Home Office-specification electronics ‘Police pack’ that powers a full suite of electronic equipment.

So although seven Jaguar XFs probably account for the entire fleet of Midlands Motorway Police Cars these days (when did you last see a Police Car on a Motorway?) it’s probably still best to keep an eye on the Road Angel when you’re on their turf. If you do overdo it they will certainly catch up in their nice shiny XFs.

The saving grace could be they’ll be less frazzled in the XF. And you might get just a warning. If you’re lucky.

By Cars UK