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Jaguar XJ: 4WD XJ planned

Wed, 06 Apr 2011

Jaguar XJ to get 4WD option

It looks as if Autocar have been having a cosy little fireside chat with Jaguar about works in progress and future directions. Some of which is new, some of which isn’t. And some of which – heaven forfend – may be made up.

It seems that Gaydon are busy working on a 4WD Jaguar XJ. Which with Land Rover’s move to an all-new set of platforms in the next couple of years – and no doubt utilising the XJ platform in the process – is not too much of a stretch.

It seems the reasoning is that the ‘Snow-Belt’ in the north east US is Jaguar’s biggest stronghold in the US, despite 70% of buyers there specifying 4WD saloons. Jaguar hope to clean up by joining the all wheel drive club. Makes sense.

What would have made more sense to us is the 4WD platform for the XF. Jaguar has privately told us (more cosy fireside chats) that the reason they have not yet built a Jaguar XF Estate is the lack of a 4WD platform (although they could be spinning us a line – they do have form).

But even if it’s not in the mix now, we’re sure it will happen when the new XF boasting an aluminium platform arrives in a couple of years time. Especially as that platform will also be shared with Land Rover. Can you sense a theme here?

Finally, Autocar tells us Jaguar are working on a new small car – the New Small Jaguar. Well, blow me down with a feather. Those cosy fireside chats do pay off with some cutting-edge news, eh? The odd news is the new small Jaguar will kick off at £28k in today’s money.

In which case BMW, Audi and Mercedes will be amused. Well, as amused as Germans get.

By Cars UK