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Jaguar XKR – the best drifting car

Tue, 24 Nov 2009

The Jaguar XKR drifting at the hands of Jeremy Clarkson - who was wearing flippers!

In a bit of Christmas DVD daftness (a Jeremy Clarkson speciality) Clarkson and the Stig are out playing at ‘Splat the Apple’ on the track at Monteblanco. But there’s a catch. Daft footwear is the order of the day with the aim being to splat the apple whilst drifting round a bend in their car of choice.

First up is the Stig wearing a very un-Stig-like pair of wellies and drifing a Vauxhall VXR. Much as you would expect, the Stig manages to splat the apple first time out. So it’s Clarkson’s turn to rise to the challenge.

The car is the easy part. Jeremy chooses the Jaguar XKR, which we already know to be very potent with the most brilliant – and forgiving – handling (which we discovered when we recently reviewed the similarly setup Jaguar XFR), the XFR is a great choice. But the ease of driving is a big must as Jeremy has chosen to take on the task wearing a pair of flippers as his daft footwear.

Despite problems starting the XKR because his flippers were sitting on the accelerator as well as the brake, Jeremy finally manages – somewhat erratically – to get the XFR out on the track. First run is a failure but despite driving the XKR in a huge pair of yellow and black flippers he manages to splat the apple – in a drift – on the second attempt.

I know, not exactly newsworthy. But a bit of fun. Well done, Jeremy. But even more well done the Jaguar XKR.

By Cars UK