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Jaguar: 0-75 years in under 4 minutes

Wed, 19 May 2010

Jaguar are celebrating their 75th Anniversary in 2010

If Jaguar had reached the milestone of 75 years of car making even five years ago, playing the ‘History’ card would have been a dangerous game. The perception then was that Jaguar were living on former glories and their cars were stuck in the past. After all, the XJ looked to many as if it had changed little in almost forty years (although it was very comtemporary under the skin) and the S-Type looked even older.

But the last few years has seen a  renaissance at Jaguar. The Jaguar XF is a car that can look the German competition in the eye and smile; the XK has become the car it always promised to be with the latest suspension tweaks and engines from the XF, and the new Jaguar XJ is full of promise – if it ever hits the roads.

So now is a time to look back with pride at the achievements of the past, without worrying that you’ll be seen as an old codger with nothing but memories. As part of the 75th anniversary celebrations, Jaguar has enjoyed a big turnout at this year’s Mille Miglia and we’re looking forward to a good turnout from the Jaguar Heritage Museum at this year’s Salon Prive.

In this video to celebrate 75 years of Jaguar we can relish everything from an SS100 through to the XK120/150; from the Mk X to the new XJ; from the Mk II to the XF and from the E-Type to the XKR.

There’s not a car in here you wouldn’t now give garage space to.

By Cars UK