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Just one new Ferrari sold in Greece in 2012 – and it came to the UK!

Thu, 21 Feb 2013

Just one new Ferrari was sold in Greece in 2012 in the depths of Greece’s austerity, and it seems even that lone Ferrari came to the UK.

None of which is particularly surprising considering the mess Greece has got in to since its tied itself to monster economies like Germany when it joined the Eurozone.

There’s no doubt there are still plenty of gazillionaires in Greece, but how many of them would want to risk parading their wealth in a brand new Ferrari when Greece is in such a financial mess, more than one in four are out of work and soup kitchens are springing up as normal Greeks struggle to even feed themselves?

But the ‘Ferrari from Greece’ bit rang a bell when we got the email, so we made a couple of calls to verify what we thought we remembered from a conversation last year.

The Ferrari 458 Spider is in very short supply, and waiting lists are running at around eighteen months in the UK. So an intrepid Brit, with a desire for instant 458 Spider gratification managed to order a 458 Spider from Greece, where Ferrari managed to deliver it in just three months instead of eighteen, and the price was a tad lower too.

It appears the whole process was a bit of a nightmare, but in the end the 458 Spider was delivered in the UK to one very happy new owner.

So, as far as we can tell, that means Greece didn’t actually sell a single new Ferrari in 2012. Or at least not to a Greek.

By Cars UK