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Keep the V8 – Dump the dog!

Thu, 22 Oct 2009

I know you're sad. But you have to go. You're killing the planet!

According to Robert and Brenda Vale the simple fact is that a dog – even a small dog – contributes more to global warming if you use the same mad models scientists have used to conclude we are killing the planet with cars. Of course, the same argument has been used about cows and methane, but this one is closer to home. Especially in a nation of dog-lovers like the UK.

In their book – Time to Eat the Dog: The Real Guide to Sustainable Living – the Vales have worked out that to sustain the average dog you require 360lbs of meat and 209lbs of cereal a year. They’ve extrapolated that data – and the ‘pollution’ cause by a big SUV – and translated that in to ‘Land Use’ to achieve comparable figures. They reckon it takes the equivalent of 1.0 acre of land to fuel the SUV for 6,000 miles. In comparison it takes over 2.0 acres to fuel an average dog. Ergo, an average dog is twice as damaging to the environment as a big SUV.

Daft though this is, it does illustrate just how mad the man-made global warming theory is. If cows and dogs are at least twice as polluting as cars, why don’t we concentrate our efforts there? And if cows and dogs are more polluting than cars, why do we think that even eradicating cars compeltely would solve this so called crisis?

Still, gives you some ammunition next time the ‘Greenie’ out walking his dog castigates your profligacy as you drive in to the car park in your V8 Cayenne (been there – done that). Simply point out his dog does more damage to the environment than your V8. That’ll go down well.

But I suppose I should expect to be arrested any day for crimes against the environment. Two Jack Russells and a V8 Cayenne.

Off to the Tower for me then.

By Cars UK