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Kia Quoris is production name for equally daft Kia K9

Wed, 18 Jul 2012

Kia has decided that its range-topping take on the BMW 7 Series should enter the market as the Kia Quoris.

We can understand why Kia made the decision to seek a name for its new range-topping saloon for markets outside South Korea.

After all, Kia K9 has a distinctly ‘pooch’ feel in the West (not to mention Dr Who’s sidekick), and chuck in the Korean predilection for eating man’s best friend and you have a PR problem along the lines of the Mitsubishi Pajero in Spain.

So it seemed sensible for Kia to announce when the K9 launched in Korea that it would get a new name for the rest of the world, which it has – Kia Quoris.

Apparently, according to Kia’s logic, the new name is derived from ‘Core’ and ‘Quality’. Really?

We think something must have been lost in translation, because the very promising Kia (which we probably won’t get in the UK) has gone from the Kia ‘Fish & Chips’ to the Kia ‘How the hell do we say that’? And not knowing how to say a car’s name can’t make it easy on the marketing front.

Still, the car looks great, it’ll cost the equivalent of under £30k in South Korea and is another confident move upmarket from Kia.

Let’s just hope – when Kia finally delivers the Kia GT as a production car – they don’t decide to call it the Kia Quorwas.

By Cars UK