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Koenigsegg Agera & Agera R 2012 updates

Fri, 02 Mar 2012

The Agera & Agera R get a raft of tweaks for 2012

Koenigsegg has revealed improvements to the Agera and Agera R for 2012, which will debut at Geneva next week.

We’re not sure just how many Koenigsegg Agera R models have actually been built and delivered (or the standard Agera R, for that matter), but however many it is it’s not more than a handful.

Still, standing still means going backwards – whether you’ve built a single car or a million – so Christian von Koenigsegg and his men in the snow in a shed in Sweden have been busy putting the Agera and Agera R at the cutting edge for 2012 models.

In come a raft of improvements to the Agera and Agera R including the world’s first hollow one-piece carbon fibre ‘alloys’. Developed by Aircore Technology the new wheels provide greater integrity and safety despite being made from a single piece of hollow carbon fibre and save 20kg in unsprung mass.

Another first is the Agera’s V8 cylinder sleeves which have the first nano-surfaced cylinder sleeves, which sounds all very high-tech, but what is it? As far as we can work out, a fine nano-coating is applied to the cylinder sleeves (and by fine, we mean fine – a human hair is 80k nanmetres wide) which reduced wear hugely.

Other changes on the Agera include new ECU, new rev limit of 7500rpm (which raises output to 960hp on the Agera and 1140hp on the Agera R), Triplex suspension, in conjunction with Ohlins Racing – becomes standard, Koenigsegg Electronic Stability as standard, a new back box and new winglets on the Agera R to improve downforce.

The new spec Koenigsegg Agera R and Agera will be on show at Geneva 2012 next week.

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