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Koenigsegg teases Agera One:1 hypercar with 1,340hp

Mon, 10 Feb 2014

Koenigsegg has released the first official image of its new Agera One:1 hypercar, set to make its world debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show next month.

Based on the Swedish firm’s Agera R model, the One:1 concept produces a whopping 1,340hp and weighs 1,340kg, meaning the car has a power-to-weight ratio of 1,000hp per tonne. That’s a lot.

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By comparison, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport has a mere 635hp per tonne. And it’s the big Bug the new Koenisegg will be targeting, with the aim of exceeding the Veyron’s Super Sport’s 258mph world speed record.

Interestingly, the One:1 is sporting a massive rear wing, supported from the car’s rear deck lid.

Compared to the Agera S and Agera R models, which feature a smaller, lower rear wing mounted to the engine clamshell, this will likely produce a lot more downforce, and therefore drag.

Then again, the One:1 does make 200hp more than the Agera R from its 5.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, pushing out 1,340hp in total.

It can even run on E100 100% biofuel, too, so it’s really actually environmentally friendly. Well, sort of…

We’re not yet sure if that rear wing is moveable, similar to the item on the Veyron or the McLaren P1, but expect more details at the car’s Geneva unveiling.

We do know that together with the active aerodynamic exhaust, which helps accelerate air flow out of the diffuser to create more downforce, the Agera One:1 boasts 600kg of extra aerodynamic grip.

A similar level to the incredible McLaren P1, this is roughly equivalent to the weight of a baby elephant sitting on top of the car at speed, pushing the tyres down into the Tarmac to find even more grip.

This helps the car generate over 2g lateral grip – that’s more than twice the force of gravity. By comparison, a Ferrari 458 Speciale generates ‘just’ 1.33g.

Details are scarce at this stage, but once the covers come off the car in Switzerland next month at the Geneva Motor Show 2014, MSN Cars will be able to bring you more.

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