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Lamborghini Aventador hits 1,000

Fri, 20 Jul 2012

The boys (and girls) in Bologna re celebrating the production of 1,000 Lamborghini Aventadors, just 15 months after production started.

Italy has no money, and nor does most of Europe, but Supercars still sell even when they have a list price of £253,000 – and at a greater rate than ever before.

That’s been brought sharply in to focus with the new that Lamborghini has delivered the 1,000th Aventador just 15 months after production started in Sant’ Agata – just half the time it took to sell the first 1,000 Murcielagos.

Not only is Lamborghini now building an impressive 4.5 cars a day – even with the Gallardo coming to the end of its life – but they have a full order book for the Aventador for the next eighteen months.

The 1,000th Aventador is going off to live in the garage of  Hans Scheidecker, a Bavarian architect, who has bought his shiny new Argos Orange Aventador to keep his Diablo company. We guess Herr Scheidecker will now be relegating the Diablo to high days and holidays and using the Aventador as his daily driver.

Impressive though the sales figures for the Aventador are, they pale in to insignificance compared to the sales of the (much cheaper) Gallardo and the likely sales of the new Lamborghini Urus SUV.

But 1,000 Aventadors in just 18 months in the face of the worst recession since the 1930s is an impressive achievement.

By Cars UK