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Lamborghini Gallardo replacement teased again in another strange Hexagon Project video

Thu, 12 Dec 2013

Another odd teaser video for the Lamborghini Cabrera

Lamborghini are trying to ramp up excitement for the Gallardo’s replacement with a series of teases ahead of a reveal we expect to happen in public at Geneva in the spring, but which could arrive long before online. We hope. We hope, because the teasers Lamborghini are publishing are a bit odd, to say the least.

The first tease made some sense; a new website called the Hexagon Project that had a press and play for the sound of the Gallardo’s replacement’s exhaust note.

But the next instalment was an odd video featuring a trio of likely lads from the UK planning to break in to the Lamborghini factory in┬áSant’Agata to get the first look at the new entry-level Lamborghini.

Now we get another video in the adventures of the intrepid trio where the hapless wannabe spies take a tour of the Lamborghini Museum and manage to sneak away in their mission to find Lamborghini’s new car – but don’t manage anything more than gaining entry to the kitchen.

It’s all very odd, but not quite enough to put you off the prospect of a new Gallardo with a 600 bhp+ V10 and styling that takes its cues from the Aventador.

Despite the teases, we do know the first look at the Gallardo’s replacement in the UK will be in a few weeks time in London

Sadly, it looks like we’re still in for more odd Hexagon Project videos before the real deal – which may, or may not, be the Lamborghini Cabrera – finally arrives.

By Cars UK