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Lamborghini Veneno: Lamborghini’s 50th Anniversary model arrives early UPDATED

Mon, 04 Mar 2013

The Lamborghini Veneno is Lamborghini’s 50th Anniversary car and has leaked ahead of a reveal at the Geneva Motor Show tomorrow. Just 3 being built.

Lamborghini promised the world something special to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2013. And we hoped it would be the Lamborghini take on the Ferrari F150. But it appears not.

Instead, we’ve got another Reventon type exercise in producing a limited edition version of an existing car with much titivation and an extreme price tag – the Veneno costs €3.6 million and just 3 are being built.

It seems Lamborghini has already sold all three of the Venenos to faithful customers who will get an Aventador with a fairly radical cosmetic overhaul – and, we assume, some Sesto Elemento style weight shaving – and an increase in power from 700 horses in the LP700-4 to 740 in the Veneno.

Under normal circumstances we may moan about the silly price tag of the Veneno and still wonder at the power and performance it offers.

But with the new Ferrari F150 and the new McLaren P1 debuting at Geneva – seriously fettled new cars, not cynically titivated rehashes -  it seems likely Lamborghini’s Veneno is going to end up looking like a silly cashing-in – just like the Reventon.

Still, the Lamborghini Veneno will look good as a poster on the wall of pre-pubescent boys’ bedrooms.

More on the Lamborghini Veneno when Lamborghini decide to reveal something official.

By Cars UK