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Lamborghini world debut at Paris

Tue, 16 Sep 2008

By Ben Pulman

First Official Pictures

16 September 2008 16:21

This solitary photo is Lamborghini’s teaser of a new car that it will unveil at the October 2008 Paris motor show. No other information has been released from Lambo’s Sant’Agata HQ, except this single line of text: ‘It’s not just a new Lamborghini. It’s a new world.’

Lamborghini officials remain tight-lipped, but we know this will be a new bodystyle for the fabled Italian purveyor of extreme sports cars.

There are four distinct possibilities to our minds: a sub-Gallardo sports car (perhaps deemed too cheap and straying into Porsche territory); a supercar to match the Bugatti Veyron and Aston Martin One-77 (not wise in this economic climate); a 4x4 (long-rumoured, but surely insane); or a new four-door saloon (but why would they as inhouse rival Audi already builds an excellent limo in the A8?).

So it’s unclear what sort of car Lamborghini will unveil on 2 October 2008. Suffice to say, CAR Online will publish the full facts as soon as we get them.

Today’s teaser photo – the latest in a long line of annoyingly drip-fed pre-Paris publicity - shows a carbonfibre rear diffuser, twin rear exhaust pipes, hints of rear tyres, an egg-crate grille and the rear bumper.

Sounds like a classically madcap Lamborghini then…

By Ben Pulman