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Land Rover Discovery 4 Armoured revealed

Mon, 20 Dec 2010

Land Rover Discovery 4 Armoured - Can you tell?

It’s not a particularly nice world we live in. Especially if you happen to be in a powerful position in business or politics. Then, you’re at the mercy of every nutter with a grudge, an AK-47 and a few kilos of TNT in their back pack. Fortunately, Land Rover has got your back.

Land Rover has revealed the Discovery 4 Armoured Vehicle, designed to replace the very competent Disco 3 version and offering full B6 protection, which means it can cope with 15kg of TNT exploding in close proximity or a couple of DM51 hand grenades lobbed underneath. Which should make its occupants feel a tad safer.

Inevitably - with the Discovery 4 Armoured offer the same levels of sophistication in both the cabin and the way it masters all terrains as the regular Disco – all that nutter-proofing means it weighs only slightly less than the Ark Royal. Which in the Disco 3 was something of a problem as it came equipped with the wheezy 2.7 litre diesel.

But Land Rover are on top of that problem with the Disco 4 Armoured and have fitted the naturally aspirated 5.0 litre petrol V8 (making the Disco 4 Armoured the only petrol Disco on sale in the UK). The 375 horses under the bonnet means you can hustle the 3550kg Disco to 62mph in 10.6 seconds – not enough to frighten the horses but a big improvement on the two hours four minutes the 2.7 litre diesel managed.

All that extra weight may be hustled along much more competently by the 5.0 litre V8 than the old 2.7 litre diesel, but there’s no point making brisker progress if you can’t stop – or it drives like a yacht. So modifications  include uprated air springs and retuned dampers, larger diameter anti-roll bars and heavy duty Alcon disc brakes front and rear to make the armoured not only look just like a regular Discovery but stop and handle like it too.

Possibly the best armoured 4×4 by far.

By Cars UK