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Land Rover & Range Rover: Geneva Motor Show 2013

Wed, 06 Mar 2013

No new models at Geneva for Land Rover, but there is the new Range Rover Evoque Black Design Pack, Evoque 9-speed auto ‘box and electric Land Rover Defender.

But despite no new models from Land Rover or Range Rover, there are new options and new technology on offer.

Probably of most interest is the new 9-speed auto ‘box for the Range Rover Evoque – replacing the current 6-speed auto box which should offer a lot more relaxing – and economical cruise – on motorways as well as make change more seamless.

It’s the first 9-speed auto to go in a production car and is a clever little ZF gearbox that has the ability to change down by more than one cog at a time if you get baulked or suddenly decide to play.

New for the Range Rover Evoque too is the Evoque Black Design Pack (previewed by the Sicilian Yellow Limited Edition Evoque launched in January), which offers a range of ever popular ‘Black’ bits for the Evoque.

They include 20″ 9-Spoke gloss black alloys, darkened headlights and fogs at the front and clear lamps at the back, black ‘RANGE ROVER’ lettering, dark tail pipes and a rear sport spoiler. Only available with Dynamic trim, the Black Design Pack for the Evoque can be ordered from April.

Range Rover Evoque Black Design Pack Pictures

Finally, in the ‘Interesting new stuff at Geneva’ there’s the electric Land Rover Defender, a test bed for Land Rover to play with over the next year to see how effective an EV can be under the skin of the rugged Defender. There are no plans to put the Defender EV in to production, but what Land Rover learn in the next year will point them where they need to go (which will probably be no pure EVs at all in the Land Rover range).

Next big news from Land Rover will be the launch of the 2014 Range Rover Sport later this month

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