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Last McLaren P1 was sold on Sunday, says Ron Dennis

Thu, 14 Nov 2013

The McLaren P1 Supercar (pictured) is now sold out

The LaFerrari may have sold out before it was even revealed, but with a long history of hypercars from Ferrari, that’s no surprise. But the McLaren P1, although a direct descendant of the fable McLaren F1, didn’t have the benefit of a long history of hard-core wealthy clients to call on for its sales, so McLaren has had to wait a while to complete sales on their entire run of 375 cars. But now they’ve done it.

Ron Dennis has confirmed that an order was signed for the very last McLaren P1 on Sunday (yes, it looks like McLaren do work on Sundays, especially when a customer has pushing on a million to spend) so now, unless a buyer drops out, sales of the P1 are done and dusted.

That means, unless you’re prepared to pay a premium, both the McLaren P1 and LaFerrari are unavailable, leaving only the Porsche 918 Spyder (which is being produced in much bigger numbers than the P1 or LaFerrari) as the only one of the trio of electrically assisted hypercars currently available.

But it seems, just like LaFerrari, deliveries of the 918 have been delayed while Porsche sort out a few wrinkles on the production 918. Which means the newly sold out P1 is the only one of the trio actually in the hands of real customers.

Good news for McLaren

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