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Let Q modify your Aston Martin

Tue, 01 Apr 2014

We imagine there were really two options for naming Aston Martin's new personalization program: Q, or something boring like Amalgamated Personalisation & Colour Programme, complete with British spellings that will vex most spell-checking software and render it unsearchable in Google.

Fortunately, Aston Martin has wisely decided to adopt the same name as the Quartermaster in Ian Fleming's "James Bond" novels -- a pure coincidence, we're told. Lucky owners of these customized machines will be able to tell their friends that it was Q who added a few special touches to their cars. That quip alone will be worth the money spent for a lot of buyers, we suspect.

Q made its debut at the 2014 Geneva motor show, where the company showed off a V12 Vantage S and a Vanquish Volante with a number of interior and exterior adjustments. And now the company has released an entrancing video showcasing some of the design choices that Q will offer to customers who aren't content with having the same gray Vantage as their friends, and are tired of telling their cars apart by (cherished) license plates.

The Q personalization program promises subtle customizations as well as some decidedly bold statements, and we like a lot of what we see in this video, bespoke picnic hampers included. In fact, we don't know why other companies don't offer this sort of thing, unless you count custom truck-bed mounted barbecue grilles as a picnic hamper alternative. The program will offer everything from unique stitching to custom exterior graphics, and the ability to tailor virtually every surface in the car to your liking. So if you're a fan of "Miami Vice" pastel colors but don't like the hard interior of the old Ferrari Testarossa, we're sure Q will be able to sort you out.

Now that we've mentioned both pickup trucks and barbecue in an article about bespoke Aston Martin interiors, let us make amends by offering the video above, complete with soothing music that could have just as well been the "James Bond" theme.

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By Jay Ramey