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Lexus CT 200h: On sale now +video

Tue, 15 Mar 2011

Lexus CT 200h - Now on sale in the UK

We’ve covered just about all there is to be covered on the Lexus CT 200h. Everything from back when it was a very gold Lexus LF-Ch on through the launch and right up to the release of the CT 200h UK prices.

So we thought we may as well go the whole hog and let you know how keen Lexus are to make it clear that the CT 200h is now actually on sale in the UK. So consider yourself informed.

Also, as Lexus went to the trouble of getting their video camera out, we’ve published the video Lexus UK sent us extolling the virtues of the CT 200h from a UK perspective (apologies: it looks like a pirate video shot from the back row of a cinema on a 1980s camcorder).

Which should mean you have at your disposal all you need to decide if the CT 200h is for you, or at least if it’s worth taking out for a test.

Except perhaps what we think of it after a week out playing. Which you’ll find out next month as Lexus are sending us a nice, shiny Lexus CT 200h to play with for the week.

And before you say we’ll only disparage it, think again. We may not choose a low-power hybrid as our own daily drive, but we certainly see the logic.

We see the logic in the CT 200h if you have a green halo you want to polish. We see the logic if you live in London, where the CT 200h is exempt from the Congestion Charge. Not to mention just 10% BIK and 100% year one writing down allowances.

So the CT 200h has lots going for it. And next month we’ll discover if all those pluses are enough to wipe out the miunuses.

It’ll be interesting.

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