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Lexus F – sexier than a wet woman in your arms

Sun, 11 May 2014

The Lexus F will distract you from even the most appealing event. Apparently

Why do people buy a Lexus? In truth, most buy because a Lexus offers impressive build quality, understated looks, lots of toys and a bullet-proof reputation for reliability; a Lexus is a luxury car buy that is driven by the head, rather than the heart.

So how do Lexus make new buyers see a Lexus as something more than an accountant’s choice? How do they let the world know you can have a car that both your heart and head agree on?

Lexus’ chosen route is to make the Lexus sexy and appealing, so they’re running an advertising campaign that shows Lexus F models can distract a man from even the most appealing of activities – a beautiful woman, a lads night out – and there’s evidence that a Lexus F driver really does get the woman (or, indeed, two of them).

All this visual imagery is set to a soundtrack that sounds a lot like Massive Attack and throws in a few subtle squealing tyres and a female voiceover that declares: “Temptation comes in many heart-pounding forms, but only one letter”.

Will it be enough to make a dent in BMW M, Mercedes AMG or even Jaguar R?

Who knows, but it’s a brave try.

By Cars UK