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Lexus GS (2012) spotted undisguised in China

Tue, 16 Aug 2011

2012 Lexus GS Undisguised in China (click image for full size)

Despite the best efforts of Toyota to keep the 2012 Lexus GS under wraps, they obviously forgot that everyone in China now has a mobile with a camera on it, so up have popped a set of photos of the new GS ahead of the Pebble reveal.

Poor old Lexus; they tried so hard. Yes, we had the LF-Gh Concept to base our expectations on (although the reality rarely meets the expectations a concept creates) so we had an idea Lexus were getting a bit bolder with the GS.

Lexus has also played at spy photographer by sending us not just photos of disguised 2012 GS models out playing, but they even filmed a video of a disguised 2012 GS at their huge facility in Belgium.

They even went so far as to invite select members of the press (read that as those who’d be positive – probably) to drive the GS ahead of the launch. All were positive and painted the new GS as a much more dynamic car than the old GS. Which, jesting apart, is very promising  as the old GS is a half-decent drive.

But for all the hopes that keeping the media satisfied with drives for the favoured, spy photos and spy videos has come to nought as the new Lexus GS for 2012 has been outed by China Car Times. And you know what? It’s not half bad.

Yes, the aggressive nose has been toned down from concept to production, but there is still a statement there. Yes, the big statement grill is now bisected by bodywork and the lights aren’t quite as slick and slim, but it’s not bad.

Practicality comes in to play with the addition of door mirrors, and the sills are a little less butch than on the concept. But all in all it seems balanced and fluid, if not as dramatic or dynamic looking as the LF-Gh concept.

But we’ll reserve real judgement until we see proper photos of the 2012 GS.

Which Lexus probably have in Boots as we speak. Ready on Thursday – after 2pm.

Source: China Car Times

By Cars UK