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Lexus GS-F to get LF-A V10

Wed, 30 Dec 2009

Lexus are said to be preparing a GS-F with the V10 from the LF-A (pictured)

There have been rumours that Lexus are going to produce a range-topping GS-F for some time. But with car makers looking at downsizing and trying their best to stick smaller and more economical engines in its cars it seemed the possibility of an M5 competing Lexus GS were going nowhere soon.

But according to Japan’s Best Car magazine that couldn’t be further from the truth. They claim that Lexus are well advanced with plans to produce a GS-F and that it will feature the 4.8 litre V10 straight out of the Lexus LF-A. Which would make it extremely competitive.

If this is true, then we would see the Lexus GS-F going head to head with not only the M5 but also the E63 AMG. But both the German cars are heading down the forced induction route, with the new BMW M5 to get a blown V8 and the E63 AMG to downsize to a forced induction lump with a lower capacity. That would leave the GS-F with easily the most appealing engine and could give the Germans some real competition.

All of which is a very enticing prospect. It does make sense on one front, in that it will spread the development cost of the V10 across a wider base (it’s already reckoned the new Lotus Esprit will also get the Lexus V10), but it could be shot in the foot for Lexus if the V10 powered GS-F turns out to have no better performance than the Germans but is far less economical.

Rumour, marketing master-stroke or shot in the foot? Time will tell.

By Cars UK