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Lexus IS F ends production to make way for the new Lexus RC F

Sun, 03 Aug 2014

The Lexus IS F is no more

The Lexus IS F was the car Lexus hoped would take the fight to cars like the BMW M3. But in the 7 years the IS F has been on sale it’s only managed to shift around 11,000 units, partly because it just didn’t have the dynamics or power of the M3, but also because few yet consider Lexus a ‘Performance’ brand.

So the Lexus IS F has now ended production after a less than stellar sales showing, and Lexus are instead pinning their hopes for a credible M3 beater in the new RC F.

The Lexus RC F was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March, and with the IS F now going out of production it looks likely Lexus will soon be revealing production specifications.

So far, Lexus has been a little cagey about exactly what the RC F has to offer, but it does look promising.

Based on the 5.0 litre V8 in the IS F, the RC F’s engine comes with titanium valves and forged steel connecting rods and variable valve timing, with output increased and the promise of much better performance that the IS F.

But what exactly are the specs for the new RC F?

Well, Lexus still gives us little more than we had when the RC F arrived at Geneva.

Power is said to be ‘Over 450bhp’, but for everything else Lexus will only say ‘Targets better than the IS F’.

But now, with the Lexus IS F finally going out of production, we may actually find out just how good the RC F promises to be.

By Cars UK