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Lexus LFA for sale on eBay

Fri, 08 Jul 2011

The Lexus LFA for sale on eBay

It’s not necessarily the first place you’d look for one of the rarest supercars on the planet, but if you’re looking for a Lexus LFA for sale (sort of) you can find one on eBay.

That ‘sort of’ for sale revolves round the very strange conditions imposed by Lexus on US buyers of the LFA who were initially forbidden to buy the LFA outright.

Instead they had to enter in to rather odd single payment lease deal with Lexus, which Lexus believed would stop buyers of the LFA from flipping the car for a profit. Although why that should be an issue in two such bastions of capitalism as Japan and the US is beyond us.

Still, you can now buy an LFA from Herb Chambers Lexus in Massachusetts on eBay for $389,900. You will still get tied up in an odd contract where if you decide to sell you’ll have to give first refusal to Lexus for the first two years; you can’t just flog it to anyone prepared to pay what you ask.

This particular LFA – finished in Pearl Brown with matching Saddle interior – is up for sale because the ordering customer turned up at the dealership, had a look round the LFA, took it for a drive round the block and decided not to have it.

Whether that says something about the Lexus LFA or the putative owner, we’re not sure.


Source: eBay (via Autoblog)

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