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London cabbies in go-slow protest

Tue, 09 Sep 2014

LONDON cabbies are staging a go-slow protest in the capital today against a decision by London Mayor Boris Johnson over taxi pollution.

The Cabbies Against Boris (CAB) organisation says Mr Johnson is wrong to have scrapped older taxis on pollution grounds.

CAB says research shows that new vehicles contribute more to pollution than older ones. The demonstration today seeks to bring central London to a halt.

Mr Johnson is due to appear before the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee tomorrow when he is expected to be questioned about the ban.

CAB said research carried out last year by the Environmental Research Group on 10,000 taxis confirmed that the new vehicles were contributing more to pollution than the older ones that had been scrapped.

CAB said: "Why has the mayor needlessly scrapped 3,000 taxis and why does he continue with this improper policy of scrapping taxis which are cleaner than the new taxis?''

It said that its protest was being supported by the London Cab Drivers Club, the United Cabbies Group and by the RMT transport union.

By Press Association reporters