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LyonHeart K Jaguar E-Type production increased

Wed, 03 Oct 2012

Classic Factory is building the Lyonheart K – an E-Type Jaguar for the 21st century – and is increasing production numbers and adding a convertible.

It started out as the E-Type Growler and then became the Lyonheart K. And whatever its name it’s still a recreation of the iconic Jaguar E-Type in the mould of the Eagle E-Type Speedster.

Now, just eight months on from the news that Classic Factory had taken over the Growler project and renamed it the Lyonheart K, comes news that demand has been so strong that Classic Factory are upping production.

There will now be 250 Lyonheart K cars built and there will be the option to take your new E-Type Lyonheart K in either hard top or convertible guise.

Based on a Jaguar XK with a tuned aluminium chassis and a Cosworth tuned version of the XK’s 5.0 litre V8 Supercharged, the Lyonheart K can get to 62mph in under 4 seconds and on to 186mph.

It uses only the best materials – from leather and veneers to brushed aluminium and polished stainless steel – to create an E-Type that surpasses anything the original E-Type could offer, but in a completely modern car.

Tempted? Then you’ll need to get a shake on before the 250 Lyonheart Ks are snapped up, and have deep pockets – each will cost from €400k +vat.

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