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MINI Cooper SD: Official

Wed, 02 Feb 2011

MINI Cooper SD finally arrives - in all variants

There have been times since we first flagged up the possibility of a Cooper S version of the MINI complete with diesel lump – the MINI Cooper SD – that we thought we might be barking up the wrong tree.

It always seemed the sensible route to go as the world become obsessed with economy, but didn’t seem inclined to give up a bit of style and kudos. It would also – at a stroke – add a new version to each model in the MINI range.

Which as that now numbers 142 would add wonderfully to the entirely confusing task of walking out of a MINI showroom with the model you thought you’d gone in to buy.

From first raising the possibility of a MINI Cooper SD when MINI first shoved the 2.0 litre oil burner from BMW under the bonnet in 2009, through the first spy shot of the Cooper SD as far back as November 2009, and the report last month that the MINI Cooper SD would be at Geneva, we’ve flagged up the arrival of the MINI Cooper SD quite comprehensively.

Which does mean you probably know just about everything the Cooper SD will bring to the table. A 2.0 litre turbo diesel with 141bhp and 225lb/ft of torque. Enough to scoot the oil-burning Cooper S t0 62mph in 8.1sec and on up to 134mph. It will manage 65.7mpg and 114g/km of CO2 in the three door – slightly worse figures in the Clubman and Convertible.

The Cooper SD version of the Countryman will be available in either FWD or as the All4. The figures between the two versions are poorer economy for the All4 – 61.4mpg versus 57.6mpg – and a 0-62mph 0.1 seconds slower.

Cosmetically the MINI Cooper SD looks just like the MINI Cooper S. Which is sort of the point. A more economical Cooper S is what the SD is and, with its big lump of torque, probably won’t feel any slower around town. That it will – if you tame your right foot – do 60mpg, is its trump card.

Even if the price isn’t.

SD Model

Top Speed

0-62 mph


(mpg combined)


OTR  Price


134 mph

8.1 secs

65.7 mpg

114 grams



134 mph

8.6 secs

64.2 mpg

115 grams



130 mph

8.7 secs

62.8 mpg

118 grams



123 mph

9.3 secs

61.4 mpg

122 grams


Countryman ALL4

121 mph

9.4 secs

57.6 mpg

130 grams


By Cars UK