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MINI Countryman hits UK +Video

Sat, 04 Sep 2010

The MINI Countryman hits the UK in September

To be honest, if we were to cover every MINI as it hits the UK – in addition to reporting its initial reveal – since BMW revived the MINI badge we’d have a whole site’s worth of MINI stories. But the MINI Countryman is a different kettle of fish. So it is news that the Countryman hits the UK.

We also have a Countryman video specifically for the UK and a pile of UK Countryman photos. And as there are plenty of MINI fans out there we thought it worth the story.

As you can’t have failed to notice if you have even the slightest interest in cars, BMW has turned the MINI in to a Crossover – the MINI Countryman. It looks like  MINI on steroids or one shoved on a photocopier at plus 50%. It looks as incongrous next to the normal MINI as the modern MINI looks next to the classic Mini.

But it’s going to sell – MINIs just do. It also offers the sort of accommodation never before seen in a MINI and the ability to do some softroading, particularly if you opt for the All4 MINI Countryman with its four wheel drive.

We’ve covered all the nuts and bolts before on the MINI Countryman. We’ve had MINI Countryman UK Prices; MINI Countryman Video; MINI Countryman in WRC… and endless other MINI stories. So whatever you want we should have provided it.

But even with all that MINI Countryman information on site, MINI has still seen fit to send us a big old press release for the MINI Countryman specifically for the UK so you can be sure that if it hasn’t been said before it must have been now.

Think we’ll have a moratorium on the MINI Countryman now until we get one in for test. We’ve done our bit.

By Cars UK