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MINI Vision Concept shines a light on the 2014 MINI Mk 3

Fri, 26 Jul 2013

The MINI Vision Concept (pictured) previews the arrival of the new MINI Mk 3 in 2014

We’ve had spy shots of the 2014 MINI Mk 3 running around the Interwebs for quite some time, to such an extent that MINI revealed their own ‘spy photo’ of the new MINI earlier this month. But now we get the real deal – or at least the concept version of the real deal – in the form of the MINI Vision Concept revealed by MINI in Munich yesterday.

Much of the MINI Vision is covered in a layer of concept frippery, but looking through the toys and flights of fancy, we still get to see a lot of what thye Mk 3 MINI will offer.

The nose is much what we can expect – including the LED ring round the headlights – but a lot of the butch cladding on the outside and much of the interior can be firmly marked as ‘Concept’.

But the overall shape and design is all there, and shows a MINI that’s, if anything, more like the first generation MINI from BMW, rather than the current MINI, but with an added does of aggression. It does look more cohesive than the rather soft and blobby current MINI.

Strip away the gloss and you’ve got a very good idea what MINI is planning for the next generation in 2014. And it looks quite promising.

Expect to see the MINI Vision Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, and probably the production MINI Mk 3 at Geneva in Spring 2014.

By Cars UK