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MINI parking beats Guinness World Record

Sat, 02 Jun 2012

MINI has broken the Guinness World Record for parallel parking at an event in China in the MINI Chinese Job.

For as long as the Mini has been around people have been breaking Guinness World Records with it. That used to involve plunging large number of students in its confined interior and counting numbers quickly before claustrophobia took hold. But now its all about ‘super parking’.

Just when you thought the art of parallel parking was lost forever as cars start to park themselves (yes, even the humble Ford Focus makes a bash at self-parking now) MINI has proved that no machine comes close to what a proper driver can do.

Admittedly, you might not be flavour of the month with your local plod (assuming there are any on the streets) if you start parallel parking like Han Yue did at this event in China to launch yet another limited edition MINI (The Chinese Job Limited Edition, would you believe?).

Han Yue and a.n.other driver (he didn’t get the record so the Chinese aren’t interested in naming him) took turns at handbrake turning in to a gap between two MINI Clubmans until Han Yue took the record at a gap of just 15cm (that’s just under 6″ in old money).

That’s breaking the record held by Patrik Folco in Italy of 21cm. Mind you, if it was done in Italy there was probably a lot more ‘contact’ parking than the Chinese managed.

By Cars UK