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Mansory Panamera revealed

Wed, 14 Oct 2009

The Mansory take on the Porsche Panamera

But Mansory has a big market in the Middle East and their tastes are less conservative than ours on the whole. Where we’d rather talk quietly but carry a big stick, the Middle East market wants the world to know just how big their stick is from the get-go. Horses for courses.

Mansory had a play with a Cayenne not too long ago and has now turned its talents on another motor from Stuttgart – the Porsche Panamera. Mansory has turned the benign nose of the Panamera in to an aggressive visage. The bonnet gets a set of louvres and big flared arches house a set of 21″ wheel. A ground effects package drops the suspension by around an inch. There’s also a sports exhaust, for a more ‘Aural’ experience. And the add-on bits are made from either high-strength polyurethane (PU-RIM) or Prepreg-Autoclav-Carbon.

The interior is going to be down to the end customer. Everything from wood and leather to carbon fibre and aluminium is on offer. And frankly anything you damn well like.

As long as you have deep pockets.

By Cars UK